Vepaar is an app (Chrome Extension + Android/iOS App) that extends functionalities of the official WhatsApp Web/Mobile app.
We’ve just wrapped the WhatsApp Web into a container that does the magic. 

Features like 

  • Quick Replies,
  • Tags to User/Media/Messages
  • Save WhatsApp Chats 
  • Save Media Files [Image, Video, Audio] 
  • Export Contacts of WhatsApp, Groups, and Broadcast Lists to Excel
  • User/Customer Profile with Overview, Conversations, and Media 
  • Send a message to Number without saving in mobile 
  • Sales Funnel 
  • Auto Sync Chat
  • Personalized Quick Replies
  • eCommerce Store
  • Create your Business Page
  • Polls 
  • Powerful Cloud-based Admin Panel

    And many more…

You can explore more by downloading our Extension. 

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Vepaar is not for Bulk WhatsApp Messages, WhatsApp BOTs, or WhatsApp Spamming. 

Vepaar is not associated with WhatsApp or Facebook.