Quick replies are the predefined messages which you can send with just a click. No need to copy and paste every time you need to send the same message.

Sending QuickReply via Extension:

Sending QuickReply via Mobile App:

To create a quick reply, you can log in to your dashboard here and find the CRM > Quick Replies menu in the sidebar. Here is a little information about each field.

Name: It’ll be displayed when all the quick replies are listed. It is for identification purposes only.

Message To Send: The content to send to customers. You can write it in any language.

Image: You can add an optional image with a message. It will be displayed in the list of quick replies and you can send the image along with the text as shown in the above message. 

URL to Append: If you want to add a URL you can place it here and it will be appended at the bottom of the message.

With the help of the Dynamic Quick Replies option, you will be able to send the dynamic values of your customers/contacts into text. 
For example, you can dynamically send the name of your customer in QuickReply with <name> placeholder. 

There are a couple of place holder available in QuickReply like name, whatsapp_no, whatsapp_no_plain, location, email, country, country_flag, timezone, and note.