This document will guide you through Importing products in bulk as well as updating existing products.

First of all, this feature is available only in Agency Plan users only. So if you are under Free or other plans, you have to upgrade your account to Agency Plan.

You need to create product categories before initiating import. Login to your Vepaar account at and go to Store > Categories. Click on "Add New" button and create all product categories.

Now go to Products and click on Bulk Actions at the top right corner.

Here you get 2 options: 

1. Bulk Import 
2. Bulk Update

You should use Bulk Import to import new products and Bulk update to update existing products in bulk. 

Download the excel template by clicking on the Download button.

1. Bulk Import

Excel file will contain predefined columns. Please find the list of all the values.


Enter the name of the product


Enter product description


This will be a dropdown with prefilled category values that you had created before downloading the template. Make sure to select the value from the dropdown and do not type.


Enter the price of the product

Add Quantity

Select Yes value from the dropdown for adding the quantity of the product


Add the quantity of the product. Keep it blank if you have selected No in the "Add Quantity" column. Add numeric value only without decimal.


Select Unit from the dropdown


Add the URL of any webpage that displays information regarding this product


Define the status of the product here. It can be Active or Inactive.

Image URL1

Image URL2

Image URL3

Image URL4

This option lets you add product images too. You can upload your product image to any cloud server and provide the URL of the image here. Please make sure that the image must be accessible via URL and it must stay on cloud servers otherwise it will stop displaying on your store

You can create an account on Dropbox, and upload the Product image files to Dropbox, you will get the URL like below.

Replace with

so new URL will be like this,

And use this URL to paste in the sheet under Image URL columns.

Fill up all these details to the sheet and click on Upload to start uploading products.

Click on the Refresh button after 1 min and you will see the Import log

Here you can see that 1 Product was imported properly and 1 failed due to a Blank cell for the Status column.

Note: If you want to reupload the sheet by correcting values in the sheet again, make sure you only keep the failed records in the sheet. Otherwise accepted products will be added again and duplicated on your store.

Congratulations you have successfully imported your products into the Vepaar store.

2. Bulk Update

Visit the Bulk Update tab on left, click on the Download button to download the excel template of your existing products. This file will contain details of all your existing products along with all the details which you had added at the time of creating the product.

You will be able to edit only certain details in this file and you will not be able to add a new Row or column. Update required details and save this file to upload it back to the Vepaar store. Click on the Upload button and upload this file.

Click on the Refresh button after a few seconds to see the status.

You will find the details of processed, success, and failed records in a bulk update in this update log.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your products in Vepaar.

You can reach us anytime at if you find any queries in Bulk Import/Update.