This article will guide you through the Order edit and receipt download feature in your Vepaar store.

First of all, this feature is available only in Paid Plans only. So if you are using the Free Plan, you have to upgrade your account to any paid plan. 

Order edit feature will be useful when you have to change the item details in any order due to the unavailability of some products. 

Go to the Vepaar WebApp and open any order from the Store > Orders, and click on any order.

Here you will find important details about your order. You can edit the following details in any order.

Order Status:

You can update the status of your order. This will be for internal management only. 
The client will not receive any updates when you update the status.

Payment Status:

All the PayLater orders will show Unpaid payment status. You can manually update the status after receiving the payment from your customer. 

Payment Mode:

Payment mode can be updated for Pay Later orders. It is an important option for further classification of payment receipts. You can select from the list of options eg Cash, eWallet, etc.

Update Items: 

Select the Items tab and you will see all the products ordered by the customer. Here you can click on the edit icon beside every product and update their Qty and Price. This Updated Qty and Price will reflect in the order details once you save them. You can also change the shipping charges from the edit icon beside the shipping charges amount. 

As shown in the above screenshot, you can edit or remove the item from the Order.


The Activity tab is provided so that you can easily check on the order edit history. Click on the Activity tab and you can see any previous edits made to this particular order. You can add the note for any order by clicking on Add Order Note.

Download Order Receipt

Click on the Download Receipt on the top right corner to download the order receipt in PDF format. 

This is how your order receipt will look like.

Hope this helps, you can reach us anytime if you have any queries.