You can integrate your Salesforce account with your WhatsApp very easily via Vepaar. 

This feature is available on all the plans and you can integrate with the below few steps.

First of all, you will require to have the below edition on your Salesforce account. 

- Enterprise Edition

- Unlimited Edition

- Developer Edition

- Performance Edition

Apart from the above, any other Salesforce edition will not work with Vepaar. 

1. Login to your Salesforce Account

2. Visit Apps > Manage Apps > New Connected App

3. Create a new app on Salesforce and fill in the details of your company as shown below.

Once the app is created, you will be able to view the details and can copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Now visit and go to the Integration tab.
Click on Salesforce and add Salesforce's Consumer Key in the Client ID field and Consumer Secret to the Client Secret field.
Once you click on Connect, it will connect your Vepaar account with Salesforce and you will be able to see the connection as below screenshot. 

As shown in the above screenshot, Copy the Redirection URL from your Vepaar account and add that to Salesforce App's Callback URL field.

Wooooo! You successfully integrated your Vepaar account to Salesforce now. 

Now, you will get the extra tab on your Vepaar Extension for Salesforce as shown below.

You will be able to do 2 operations from that Salesforce Tab.
1. Create Lead

2. Create/View Tasks

Create Lead

Customer's details will be auto-filled from Vepaar to Salesforce when you are going to create the lead.
And when you save it, you will be able to check that lead in Salesforce in just a single click. 

Create/View Tasks

You can directly create the task for that lead to your Salesforce account from Vepaar. You can also assign due date, priority, and status to the task. 

Finally, you have learned how to use Salesforce Integration on Vepaar.

You can reach us any time at [email protected] for any queries related to Salesforce Integration.