Checkout Add-ons will help you to take extra charges from the customer for their extra demand.

For Example: Offer faster delivery, Gift wrapping, Chilli flakes & Oregano sachets if you're delivering a Slice of pizza, or other small charges what you want to charge.

Follow the steps for add the Checkout Add-ons

  • Open your Vepaar chrome extension.

  • Go to the Store, select Checkout, and go to the Addons.

  • For creating new add-ons select add new from here.

When you select the add new you get this option where you need to add your charge name and description of that.

and select Create to create the new addons.

  • Now add the option for the customer from here.

And add the charge name and what amount of that.

And select Create.

  • Add more options that you want to give like this.

Now, Go to the store and you will get this at the checkout page like this.