Shipping location is for to manage delivery location with different Pin-code, with different cities, from different states, or from different countries.

How to add a new delivery location:

  • Open your Vepaar chrome extension.
  • Go to the Store and Select Shipping.
  • Select Add a Location.

  • Fill in all the details about shipping.

And click Save and create.

  • To add another option click on the Add New Location.

Note: If you are from the Free version or Basic version you are able to add just one shipping location. For more, you need to upgrade your account to Pro or Agency.

Fill there other shipping location details and save them.

  • Add more locations where you deliver your products like this.

  • After setting up all, Go to your store website and order and now you get the option to Select Delivery Location like this.

  • Click on the Select Delivery Location, and select where you want your order.

This is in Pincode you can change delivery location in,

  • Different cities.

  • Different states.

  • Different countries.