What is Quick Reply?

Quick replies are ready-made messages you can send with a click, saving you from copying and pasting the same message every time.

How to Create Quick Replies:

Creating quick replies is easy on both platforms:

On Web:

  • Go to Vepaar admin panel > CRM > Quick Replies

  • Click 'Add New,' enter the quick reply name and message.

- There's a button below called 'Pin in Extension.' Enable it will pin this quick reply to the bottom bar, allowing you to send the message quickly.

  • Save it. 
  • You can also attach media files. After clicking the 'Save' button, you'll see an 'Add New File' button on the top right. From there, you can attach multiple media files to your message.

Sending QuickReply Via Extension:


On Mobile:

  • Open Vepaar app > CRM > Quick replies

  • Tap '+' to create a new reply 
  • Enter the quick reply name and message, then Create.  

  • You can also attach files, After clicking the 'Create' button, you'll find a 'Files to Send' section below the details. From there, you can attach multiple media files to your message.

Sending QuickReply Via Mobile App:

To send a quick reply to a customer, click on the WhatsApp icon next to the quick reply. Then, select the platform and the contact with whom you want to share the quick reply.



Quick Reply Name: It’ll be displayed when all the quick replies are listed. It is for identification purposes only.

Message To Send: The content to send to customers. You can write it in any language.

Add New File: You can add multiple media files with a message. You can send any type of file in quick replies as an attachment, be it PDF, Image, Video, Audio, Document, or even a Zip.

URL to Append: If you want to add a URL you can place it here and it will be appended at the bottom of the message.

Dynamic Quick Reply: With the help of the Dynamic Quick Replies option, you will be able to send the dynamic values of your customers/contacts into text. 

For example, you can dynamically send the name of your customer in QuickReply with <name> placeholder. 

There are a couple of placeholders available in QuickReply like name, whatsapp_no, whatsapp_no_plain, location, email, country, country_flag, timezone, and note.

You can reach us anytime at support@vepaar.com if you need any help.