People are always searching for the Bulk WhatsApp messages option in WhatsApp, but that is really not a good practice and WhatsApp might block the number as well.


Here we created a feature so you can send messages one by one super quickly and it can be personalized as per the contact's name, email, phone, country, etc. 


You can send a predefined quick reply to a list of contacts with a specific tag or funnel. This document will guide you through the step-by-step process of how you can do that.


First of all, you will require our Chrome Extension to be installed on your computer. If you still didn't install it yet, please download it from here.


Search Contacts

  • Click on the Search Contacts icon in the Vepaar Extension on the right side of the screen. All the contacts available in your Vepaar account will be displayed here.


  • You will be able to filter your contacts by clicking on the filter icon and applying the relevant filter.



  • You will see an updated list of the contacts after applying the filter. Now Pin the quick reply which you want to send to all these contacts. Pinned quick replies appear on the bottom panel of the Vepaar extension so you don’t have to open the quick reply menu every time you want to send a quick reply.


  • Now select the contact from the right-side panel and click on the pinned quick reply. Select the next contact and repeat this process until you complete the complete list 



You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.