Ticket management is always important when you are providing support on WhatsApp. With the help of Vepaar CRM's Ticket Management feature, you can manage your customer tickets easily.  


Add Ticket and Manage ticket status:


Add ticket from Web

  • Login to your Vepaar account.

  • Click on the CRM > Tickets option on the left sidebar.

  • Click on the “Add New” on the top right corner.

  • Fill in the details as per your requirement.

  1. You can adjust your ticket status whether it is Open or Close, etc.

  2. You can prioritize the ticket.

  3. You can also add the due date of the ticket.



After filling in details click on Create to create a ticket.


Add ticket from the Extension

  • Select the contact and click on “Create First Ticket”.


Fill in the details as per your requirement and save it.


Manage ticket status

  • This status is given default in the extension.

  • If you want to add another then click on the “Add New” on the top right corner.


Add details and save it.


Manage ticket

  • You can adjust ticket status like it is now open or close, etc.



You can reach us anytime at support@vepaar.com if you need any help.