Vepaar CRM allows you to upload your contacts to Vepaar with the Bulk Upload feature. So when you are chatting with them on WhatsApp, all the uploaded details will be visible on the right sidebar in the extension. 

Note: This feature is available in the AGENCY Plan only.

Bulk Contact Import

  • Login to your Vepaar account.

  • Click on the “CRM”. Go to the Contacts and click on Bulk Actions.

  • In the Bulk Actions go to the Import option and download the Excel file from here.

Note: Don't change column names or their order.

  • Edit data in the excel file and save it.

  • Now, Go to the Bulk Actions in CRM and Go to the import option again.

  • This time select the Upload option.

  • Once you click on it you have to select the file. Click on the file which you saved and open it.


  • When you click to the open uploading process starts.

  • For checking the status of the process goes to History.

  • When the process is completed, Status is converted to processing to success.

  • Now you can see your contacts on your contact list like this.

 Update contacts in bulk

  • The process is just like Bulk contact import. But, This time you just have to select the Update option in place of Import.

Download the excel file from the Download button.

  • Edit in the Excel file that you want to update on your contact.

  • After the updating in the excel file save it.

  • Now, Go to the Update option in CRM and upload the edited file.

  • When their process is done your contact will be updated.


You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.