Create your own Digital Dukaan or Online Store with the help of Vepaar and sell all your products in a more convenient and organized fashion.

All you need to do in order to open your own Store is to follow the steps given below.

  • Login to your Vepaar account.

  • Click on the “Store” tab.

  • Fill out the necessary details like SettingsPaymentsCheckoutShippingBadgesCategoriesProducts, etc.

  • Keep the status as “Active” and click save.


Whenever you want to take a break, You will have the option of switching the store status from “Active” to “Inactive”.

Now that you have your very own store, You need to create some categories for your products. Follow the steps below in order to create categories:

  • As soon as you save your store, You will have a “Category” option at the top, click on that.

  • Click on the “Add Category” option in the top right corner.

  • Fill out the details and save that category.


 You will be able to add as many categories as you wish. Once you are done adding the categories, You will be able to put products in those categories. Follow the steps below in order to create products.

  • Click on the “Products” option.

  • Click on the “Add Products” option in the top right corner.

  • Select Which type of product you want to create.

  • Fill out the details and save that product!


You will be able to create as many products as you wish. You can add photographspricesquantity per saledescription, and status based on whether the product is active or inactive and It is in stock or not.

Setting up your Payment Gateways is very easy on Vepaar. Go to Store Payment and set up the payment gateway supported for your country.

You can check it all out by going to the settings in the Store and clicking on “Visit Store” and making sure everything is in place. As soon as the customer orders anything you will get a direct message on WhatsApp regarding the order and you can go to the “Orders” tab in “Store” to manage all the orders you get.

You can also manage your entire store from the Vepaar Mobile App. 

Download Vepaar now to start your Online Digital Store here.

You can reach us anytime at if you find any difficulty in setting up your store.