In Vepaar, you can publish your store on your own domain.

To do this first, Add the domain to your account, our system will install a free SSL certificate on it automatically.

 What is Custom Domain?

Many of the users want to make their store live on their own domain. It's good for branding and brandable domains will also increase conversions.

Vepaar gives default store domains like “”Custom domain feature allows you to use your own domain for your store which means you can make your store live on "".

Follow the steps mentioned in this document to set up your custom domain

Adding a custom domain to your Vepaar Store:

First, You will have to buy a domain of your choice. You can buy your domain from any reputed domain registrar like Godaddy.comGoogle, etc.

We are showing the process of setting up your domain in in the below screenshots.

If you are using,

After registering your domain, you will have to add “A record” in your domain DNS settings.

How to setup custom domain:

A) Login to your domain account and click on "Manage DNS" for your domain.

B) Add "A Record" with shown value.

- If you want to host your store on a full domain like, add the below details and click on "Save".

C) If you want to host your store on a subdomain like, add the below details and click on "Save".

It takes around 12-48 hours for the new IP to reflect on your domain. You will be able to use your domain in Vepaar once your domain is pointing to IP Address. 

How to check whether your domain is pointing to the correct IP or not?

Visit any DNS Checker website, enter your domain name and search for A Record.

It should show the IP Address188.166.140.6

Now you can proceed with adding this domain to your Vepaar store.

Go to, login to your account, and click on the "Domain" tab in My Biz.

Now to set up on your main domain like ""

And to set up on your subdomain like "" 

Click on "Save" and you have successfully configured your custom domain.

You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.