Many businesses are selling Clothes, Fashion Products, Shoes, or Cafe/IceCream shops on Vepaar

This document will guide you through the process of using different product attributes like SizeColorWeight, or any custom attribute for your products on the Vepaar store. 


First, you will need to create attributes that are related to your products. Select the Attributes option under store and click on Create an Attribute.



 You can either select from the most used attributes and proceed further, or you can click on “Create custom attributes” if you want to create a new kind of attribute other than ColorSize, and Weight.

Note: Custom Attribute feature is only available under Paid Plans

Next, you will have to add all the options under the selected attribute. For example, you can add SMLXLXXL under the size attribute

Secondly, you will have to select the display type of the attribute too. You can choose between RadiobuttonDropdown, or Color type. This is how they will be displayed in your store.



You can see all your attributes listed here.


Now you can start adding the products with different attributes. Go to the Product option under Store and click on Add New.



Select “Variable” under Product type


Fill up all the product details and click on Create to create a new product.


Open that product and add images under the Images option. Upload all the images as per different attributes like different colors, as shown below.


 Select the Attributes option and assign relevant attributes.

 Select Variants option to start adding attributes. Click on Create a Variant.


Fill up the necessary information to create a variant of this product. 


 Keep adding new variants until you have added all available variants. You can add it one by one by Add New or multiple via Bulk Edit.

Click on the Bulk Edit button if you want to add multiple variants with a single click. You will have to assign images after adding all the variants. 



All selected variants will be created with a single click. You can assign images individually after creating all the variants.


Congratulations you have successfully created multiple variants of a single product.


Upgrade to Paid Plans now if you want to create custom attributes on your store.


You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.