To add products to your store you need to:

  • Login to your Vepaar account.

  • Click on the “Store” tab below “CRM”.

  • For adding products you need to create a category.

Add Category

  • Click on the “Add Category” option in the top right corner.

  • Fill out the details and save that category.

You can add many categories. After adding that, You are able to put products in those categories. Follow the steps below to create products.

In the Vepaar, you can add 3 types of products


1. Simple: A product that is unique and does not offer varieties. 

Example - Real Estate Properties, Unique Jewellery, Paintings


2. Variable: A product that is available in different sizescolors, or measurements.

Example - Apparels, Gadgets, Food items with different flavors & quantities.


3. Digital: A product that is digital content or pieces of media that can be stored in a file.

Example - Ebooks, Software, Audio and music, PDF documents, Online courses.


Add Simple Product

  • Click on the “Products” and select the “Add Products” option in the top right corner. 

  • Select "Simple" product, fill in your product details and Save it.

  • After clicking on the Save button you will get more options to add your product details like:
    Media: From the media section, you can add your product images and also their video URL.
    Badges: Badges feature will help you to highlight your product from the other products.
    You will get more information about the badges from Here.
    Charges: If you want to get any kind of charge from your customer like tax or other charges, this charges feature will help you to get there.
    You have to make a charge like a badge and then apply it to the products.
    Stock: From here you can add how much stock you have left.

Add Variable Product

  • Select "Variable" product, fill in your product details and Save it.

  • There are two more options available, Attributes & Variants

  • Click on those options and fill in the details. 

  • For more information, you can read the user guide or you can watch this video

Add Digital Product

  • Select "Digital" product, fill in your product details and Save it.

  • There is a last option "Content", Where you can upload your digital products document.

You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.