WhatsApp does not provide any unique feature for a Poll, but we’ve made an excellent workaround to create a poll on WhatsApp. It’s not fully automatic but the easiest way possible.

You can run Poll for many cases like,

– Election Poll

– Quiz Poll

– Audition Poll

– Short Survey

– and for many other real-life use cases.

Android App Specially Designed only for Poll

Due to the great demand for Poll on a mobile app, we came up with a separate app called Voliz.


With our Vepaar Chrome Extension App, you can manage your poll

How does Poll work on Vepaar?

  • Download and Login to the Vepaar AdminPanel.

  • Now, click on Polls on the left sidebar and click on "Add New" top right corner.


  • You can send a poll question to individual people, groups, or broadcast lists.

  • The poll message will contain URLs for each answer, which will redirect a user to send a message to you on WhatsApp with a predefined message which contains a unique template for identifying a poll and their vote.

  • When you receive the poll vote, you have to keep that WhatsApp Number open with Vepaar.

  • Vepaar will automatically identify the message [We called it Smart Message], and the vote will be synced automatically.

  • You can check the poll results anytime from the dashboard. If you create a public poll, your voters also can see the result of the poll.

Let’s say that for an example of the Poll for FIFA World Cup 2022, we are creating a poll like the below screenshot.

We are sending the above Poll Message to all our customers/contacts, group, and broadcast lists. When people get that message, they can click on a link below any reply/option. 

 You can set up different poll settings as per your requirements shown in the below screenshot. 

 When you visit the Poll Result Page, there you can see the result and list of voters. And you can even check the vote of an individual.



Also, if the poll is public, all the voters can view the result on a result URL given at the bottom of the poll question. You can invite your friends or family members to join that poll from the result page by Share This Poll on the WhatsApp button.


You can check the sample Poll Result page here.

You will also have the option of making the poll “Inactive” after you think you have gathered sufficient data.

Till now, this is the best way to handle a Poll in WhatsApp.

Vepaar is an Extension and works with Chrome Browser on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

SignUp today, and start with your first Poll on WhatsApp. You can download our Mobile App as well.

You can reach us anytime at support@vepaar.com if you need any help.