Stripe allows accepting credit and debit card payments in your Vepaar store, and it's easy and fast to set up. You can create a new Stripe account by filling in a short formconnecting your existing Stripe account, and accepting online payments straight away. Also, setting up Stripe allows you to set up Apple Pay so customers can checkout with one tap in your store.

Stripe is available in over 30 countries including the USACanadaUKAustraliaJapan, and many more.

Setting up Stripe

Before setting up Stripe, check the Restricted Businesses list to ensure that your business is not on this list, and you are allowed to use Stripe to process payments in your store.

To set up Stripe in your store:

  1. From your Vepaar admin, go to the Store Payment page.

  2. Click Configure for Stripe and Enable the Stripe option.

  3. In the new tab, log in on and go to Developers > API Keys > Create secret key. Give the Key Name and Copy the Publishable Key and Secret Key.

  4. Copy the Webhook from the Vepaar and paste it under Endpoint URL in Developers > Webhook in Stripe. After that, click on "receive all events" and click on "Add endpoint".

Once finished, your Stripe account will be connected to your Vepaar store. Customers will be able to pay with Stripe.

When a customer pays for an order using Stripe, the money goes to your Stripe account. You can see the Transaction ID in the order details in your Vepaar admin.

You can view more information on your Stripe account for any transaction with Stripe.

If Stripe isn't supported in your country, set up another payment option to accept card payments in your Vepaar store.

You can reach us at anytime if you need any help in setting up a payment gateway under your Vepaar account.