Midtrans is an Indonesian payment gateway. It provides complete payment solutions tailored for your business. With Midtrans, you can accept payments and make payouts easily. 


You can read more about Midtrans here.


It is just supported in Indonesia Rupiah - IDR - Rp.

Setting up Midtrans

To set up Midtrans in your store,

1. Log into your Vepaar account from here.

2. Select Store > Payment Page.

3. Click Configure for Midtrans and Enable the Midtrans option.

4. In the new tab, log in on dashboard.midtrans.com and go to Settings Access Keys. Copy the Client Key and Server Key and paste them in Client Key and Server Key in Vepaar.

5. Copy the Webhook from the Vepaar and paste it under Payment Notification URL in Settings Configuration in Midtrans. Scroll down and click on the Update after setting up. 

Once finished, your Midtrans account will be connected to your Vepaar store. Customers will be able to pay with Midtrans.

When a customer pays for an order using Midtrans, the money goes to your Midtrans account. You can see the Transaction ID in the order details in your Vepaar admin. You can view more information on your Midtrans account for any transaction with Midtrans.

If Midtrans isn't supported in your country, set up another payment option to accept card payments in your Vepaar store.

You can reach us at  support@vepaar.com anytime if you need any help setting up a payment gateway under your Vepaar account or DM us on our FB Page