You can integrate your Salesforce account with your WhatsApp very easily via Vepaar


FYI: This feature is available on the Vepaar One Premium and CRM Premium plans only and you will require any one of the below-mentioned editions of your Salesforce account to integrate it with Vepaar

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Edition

Developer Edition

Performance Edition

To use Salesforce integration, you need to follow these 2 steps:

1. Connect your Salesforce account with Vepaar.

2. Install the Vepaar Chrome extension in your Chrome browser.

How to connect Salesforce account with Vepaar

  • To configure Salesforce integration, navigate to Settings > Integrations, and then click on Configure at the Salesforce tile.

  • Click on the Connect to Salesforce button. 

  • Sign in to your Salesforce account. 

  • You can see your Salesforce account information in your Vepaar account after successfully connecting Vepaar and Salesforce.

  • Enable the Active button in Status and save it. 


Install the Vepaar Chrome Extension

  • Install the Vepaar Chrome extension from Here.

  • When the installation is completed, the screen will automatically open, where you need to log in to your Vepaar account with the same credentials. 

  • Voila! You have successfully connected to Salesforce. 

You will be able to do 4 operations from that Salesforce Tab within WhatsApp which will be two-way synced.

1. Manage Leads

2. Convert Lead to Contact

3. Manage Contacts

4. Manage Accounts

You can reach us any time at for any queries related to Salesforce Integration.