This article will guide you through the integration process of Google Analytics with your Vepaar Store and Biz Page.

  • Login to your Google Analytics account and select your Website account. Click on Admin at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • Click on Create Property Button and create a new property for your Vepaar store or navigate to the Data Streams tab as shown below screenshot.

  • Fill up necessary details and click on Show Advanced Options

  • Add your Store URL and click on Next

  • Fill up relevant fields and click on Create

  • You will see Web Stream details when you click on the Create button.

  • Copy your Measurement ID, open, and navigate to the Integrations tab. Click Configure on Google Analytics, paste your Measurement ID and click on Save.

Congratulations, You have successfully integrated Google Analytics into your Vepaar. Now you can see the reports in your Google Analytics account.

If you find any difficulty in setting up your account, you can reach us at