Notes are helpful to summarize your observations on customers. With Activity notes, the sales rep will always be able to keep track of how a sale is progressing. 

We aim to create a full-fledged CRM on the world's most popular messaging platform - WhatsApp.

Thus we have added a most essential and core feature to the CRM which is: Contact Activity

Contact activities are available under the dedicated Activity tab in Chrome Extension when selecting any contact. You can also check and create activities from Vepaar Web.

Notes are a great way to summarize your observations on customer and prospect interactions and outcomes. By saving notes as CRM, a sales rep will always be able to keep track of how a sale is progressing.

Follow the below steps to add the Notes

From here, you will be able to add multiple notes in CRM for that customer/contact.

You can also manage the activities from the Vepaar CRM as shown below,

  • Open Vepaar AdminPanel 

  • Click on CRM Contacts 

  • Open Customer Profile 

  • All the comments will display in Activity List.

  • Click on "Add New" to add additional comments.   


Currently, the Activity supports:

  • Notes: You can add multiple notes under contact and keep track of your conversation and summary.

In future releases, we will add:

  • Reminder: Set a reminder for following up with the customer.

  • Meeting: Create & schedule meetings with the customer.

You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.