Store Banners are the very first and big picture that your customers can see when opening your store. It helps to promote your latest offers & let customers know about your offering & increases the sales.

How to add Store Banners: 

  • Open your Vepaar AdminPanel.

  • Go to the Store and Click on Banners

  • Click on Add New

  • Add Image & Link 

  • Click on Create

  • Currently, you can upload up to 3 banners


Let’s check, How it will look in the Vepaar store:

It will look like the below example: 


Note: When someone clicks on the banner if you have added any link then the customer will redirect to that click. 

If you have not set up your banners, we recommend to set up ASAP.


You can reach us at anytime if you need any help in setting up Banners under your Vepaar account.