You can integrate your HubSpot account with your WhatsApp very easily via Vepaar

Note: This feature is only available on the Premium plan. So, If you are on a free plan or any other plan you need to upgrade your Vepaar account. you can integrate with the below few steps.

First of all, You need to create your account on HubSpot. Check out How to Create Account in HubSpot

Now visit and go to the Integration tab.

Click on HubSpot and add click on Connect to HubSpot button.

Select your HubSpot Account 

Connect your HubSpot Account with Vepaar.

Wooooo! You successfully integrated your Vepaar account to HubSpot now. 

Now, you will get the extra tab on your Vepaar Extension for HubSpot as shown below.

You will be able to do 4 operations from that HubSpot Tab.

1. Create Contact

2. Manage Notes

3. Manage Deals

4. Manage Tasks

Finally, you have learned how to use HubSpot Integration on Vepaar.

You can reach us any time at for any queries related to HubSpot Integration.