How to integrate WhatsApp API ?

How to use Vepaar for bulk marketing messages?

How to add a message template for WhatsApp Broadcasting?

You can integrate your WhatsApp Cloud API with your Vepaar account very easily. 


Note: This feature is only available on the Premium plan. So, If you are on a free plan or any other plan you need to upgrade your Vepaar account. you can integrate with the below few steps.

First of all, You need to create your Business account on Facebook and purchase WhatsApp Cloud API

Now visit and go to the Integration tab and Click on WhatsApp Cloud API.

Add Token & Phone Number ID

How to get “Token” & “Phone Number ID”? 

Follow below steps to get Token:

Open Settings of Facebook Business Account 

Click on Users > System users 

Click on Generate new token

Select whatsapp_buiness_managment while generating the token. 

Click on the Access Token link

Copy this Access Token link and add it into the Vepaar. 

Follow below steps to get Phone Number ID:

Click on WhatsApp Accounts tab > Click on Business Name 

Copy ID and add it into the Vepaar. 

Congratulations, Now your WhatsApp Cloud API is integrated with Vepaar! You are ready to send bulk messages to your customers. All you need to add message template and start broadcasting

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask questions in our Facebook Community. OR You can reach us anytime at if you need any help.