A reminder is a useful feature to keep yourself reminded of your tasks. Any pending task will not go ignored now!

We have introduced this feature for you to keep a track of all your pending tasks and follow-ups. With the help of Vepaar's Reminder feature, you can now keep a reminder of all the tasks easily. 

Add Reminder from Web 

  • Login to your Vepaar account.

  • Click on the CRM > Reminders option on the left sidebar.

  • Click on “Add New” in the top right corner.

  • Fill in the details as per your requirement.

  1.  Search Contact Number of Customers whom would you like to schedule a follow up. 

  2. Add Title & Description.

  3. Set the due date of the Reminder & Click on Create.


Add REMINDER from the Extension

  • Select the contact and click on “Create Reminder” icon.

  • Add Title & Description.

  • Set the due date of the Reminder & Click on Create.

You will notify on Notification Screen in Web & You will get notification on Extension & Mobile App too!

Congrats, Now you can set reminders & get notified when your products will be out of stock or order received

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask questions in our Facebook Community. OR You can reach us anytime at support@vepaar.com if you need any help.