The roles and permissions feature is a crucial component of any system or application that involves multiple users. It allows you to assign specific roles to users and define their permissions, ensuring that each user has access to the appropriate functionalities and data based on their responsibilities.

In this guide, we will explore the roles and permissions feature for a system with five types of users: Admin, CRM Agent, CRM Manager, Store Agent, and Store Manager.

The Admin is the highest level of authority in the system. They have complete control over all functionalities and settings. 

CRM Agent: 
The CRM Agent is responsible for managing customer relationships and related activities. They retain accessibility to all important features and functionalities, including the ability to view and modify customer data.

CRM Manager: 
The CRM Manager oversees the CRM Agents and holds additional administrative capabilities within the system. 

Store Agent:
The Store Agent is responsible for managing the store's operations and inventory. However, they do not have permission to delete any data within the system, ensuring data integrity and security.

Store Manager: 

The Store Manager supervises the Store Agent and has additional administrative capabilities.

As an admin you can invite a person as a CRM agent, CRM Manager, Store Agent or Store manager by following the below mentioned steps. 

  • Admin has to mention the Email and select the roles they want to give access.

  • Click on Users > Invite Users

  • Add Email & Select Roles (You can assign multiple roles to a single user.)

  • Users will get email on added email id by Admin. He/She has to Accept invitation.

  • He/She needs to set their Password if they are creating an account for the first time. 

  • If the email ID already has an existing account, users can log in using the same credential.

  • All Users list will display the same as the screenshot below. Admin can Edit, Delete Users & Roles as per their requirement.

  • If a user does not have access to any feature, they will receive the following message. The user should reach out to the Admin and request the necessary access permissions for their role.

Summary of Roles & Permissions:

CRM Features


CRM Agent

CRM Manager

Contacts (Create / Edit )

Contacts Delete

Quick Reply (Create / Edit) 

Quick Reply Delete


Tickets (Create / Edit)

Tickets Delete

Ticket Export

Reminder (Create / Edit)

Reminder Delete

Activity (Create / Edit)

Activity Delete

Ticket Status (Create / Edit)

Ticket Status Delete

Message View / Copy

Message Delete

Media View / Download

Media Delete

Chat View

Chat Delete / Export

Funnels (Create / Edit)

Funnels Delete

Tag (Create / Edit)

Tga Delete

Contact (Import / Export)

Configure SalesForce

Manage SalesForce Leads

Configure HubSpot

Manage HubSpot Leads

Poll (Create / Edit)

Poll (Delete)

Configure Google Calendar

Schedule Google Calendar Events

Save Message / Media with Tags

System Tabs (Filter WhatsApp Chat Stages)

Chat Close / Reopen

Configure WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Broadcast (Create / Start / Pause)

Delete WhatsApp Broadcast Contacts

Delete WhatsApp Broadcast

CRM Settings

Store Features


Store Agent

Store Manager

Product (Add / Edit)

Product Delete

Category (Add / Edit)

Category Delete

Order (Create / Update)

Order Delete

Store Theme

Order Notification Setting

Badges & Charges (Add / Edit)

Badges & Charges Delete

Manage Stock

Product (Import / Export)

Attribute & Variation (Add / Edit)

Attribute & Variation Delete

Store Settings

Links (Create / Update)

Links Remove

Custom Pages (Create / Update)

Custom Pages Remove

Payment Gateway Integration

Shipping Location (Create / Edit)

Shipping Location Remove

Addons & Coupon Code (Create / Edit)

Addons & Coupon Code Delete

Review (Approve / Reply / Edit)

Review Delete

Add Custom Code & Store Banner 

Delete Store Banner & Custom Code 

 Checkout Form Settings

Custom Fields of Checkout Form (Add / Edit)

Custom Fields of Checkout Form Delete

Configure Facebook Pixel

Integrate Google Analytics / Google Analytics4

Biz Profile Update

Setup Custom Domain 

Zapier Integration

Sitemap Integration





Delete Account & Wipe Data

Notifications Page

Subscription Page

Invite Staff (Role & Permission)

Credit Purchase

As shown in the table above, users will be granted access to features based on their assigned roles.

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