We are excited to announce that Vepaar is introducing new pricing plans to better cater to our users' needs. As part of this update, we have categorized our plans into three tiers: CRM, Store, and Vepaar One, offering distinct features to suit different business requirements.

1. CRM Plan:

The CRM plan is designed for businesses primarily focused on customer relationship management. It includes essential CRM features and tools to help you manage your customer interactions efficiently.

2. Store Plan:

The Store plan is tailored for businesses that primarily use Vepaar for their online store management. This plan provides a comprehensive set of tools to handle inventory, orders, and product listings with ease.

3. Vepaar One Plan:

For businesses seeking the full Vepaar experience with access to all features, the Vepaar One plan is the perfect choice. This plan unlocks all the CRM and Store features, offering a seamless and integrated solution for your business needs. 

Important Note: Basic Plan Removal

In line with our commitment to enhancing user experience, we have decided to discontinue the Basic plan. This means that all current Basic plan users will be required to migrate to either the Pro or Premium plan.

Improved Pricing:

We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for our users. Therefore, we are thrilled to inform you that the pricing for both the Pro and Premium plans has been revised, making it even more affordable for you to subscribe to your desired plan. 

Forever Free Plan:

Our Forever Free plan continues to be available for users who wish to experience Vepaar's features with certain limitations. It remains a great starting point for individuals and businesses to get a taste of our platform. 

For more details of checkout our New Pricing Plans

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us at support@vepaar.com