Learn how to offer special discounts to different customers on your Vepaar online store. This guide shows you simple steps to set up personalized prices without any tech fuss.


With personalized pricing in Vepaar, you can:

  • Make your customers happy with unique discounts.
  • Keep certain customers coming back with special deals.
  • Sell more by offering good prices to specific groups.
  • Make shopping easier with tailored prices.

How to Use It:

1. How to Create Tiers and Assign to Contacts:

You can assign tiers to contacts in two ways.

Creating Tiers Manually:

  • Visit CRM > Tiers.
  • Click "Add New," type a tier name, and pick a color.
  • Go to the customer profile and assign tier to them one by one.

Creating Tier Using Bulk Excel Sheet:

  • Go to CRM > Contacts > Bulk Actions.
  • Upload a file with your customer details.
  • Here you can add Old Tiers or You can add New Tier which will be automatically assigned to customers by Vepaar.

So, using this method, you can create new tiers and assign them to contacts. Now, let's add special pricing to products so that customers can see different prices based on assigned tiers.

2. How to Set Different Prices for Tiers:

You can set tier-wise pricing for products in two ways.

Set pricing Manually:

  • Go to Store > Products and pick a product.

  • Find Tiered Pricing and put in special prices for each group.

  • Save the changes.

Set pricing using a bulk Excel sheet:

  • Download the update sheet from Store > Products > Bulk Action > Updates.
  • Add special prices for each discount group in the sheet.
  • Upload the sheet to apply the prices.

Note: To establish tier-based pricing, begin by creating a tier. Once created, you'll find the option to set tier-based pricing.

How It Works:

Imagine you're giving a 10% discount to your Gold tier assigned customers and no discount to new visitors. Here's what happens:

New Visitor Sees Regular Price: Someone new sees the product at the normal price without any discount.

 Gold Tier Customer Gets 10% Off: Your premium customer sees the product with a 10% lower price. 

To Get this discount they need to follow below steps:

  1. Login with Your Assigned Number : 
    They need to login with assigned number to access exclusive pricing.
  2. WhatsApp OTP Verification : 
    For security, verify number using WhatsApp OTP.
  3. Credits Purchase : 
    To enable OTP verification, you need to purchase credits.

Note: You can't created tier wise pricing for variable products.

Just follow these easy steps, and you'll be giving special discounts to your customers in no time with Vepaar. If you have any questions, please email us at support@vepaar.com We're here to help!